Wellbeauty OMI Skin Nutrition Healthy Aging Beauty Peptides Elastin Powder 90g

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Wellbeauty OMI Skin Nutrition Healthy Aging Peptides Elastin Collagen Powder 3.17 oz/90g


* Elastin + Collagen: Our formula pairs Elastin, a key protein that provides resilience and elasticity to the skin, with Collagen, an important structural component of the skin. We also include Hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and Vitamin C to boost protein synthesis and fight visible aging.
* Healthy Aging Benefits: Reduce the visible signs of aging including wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness, rough texture, dullness and loss of elasticity and firmness.
* Clinically Proven Beauty: Shown to reduce the visible signs of again, including eye wrinkles by 20%, as well as improve skin elasticity in an 8-week study. Results may vary.
* Doctor Formulated Supplement for Women: Premium and patented beauty peptides engineered precisely to improve internal structure and organization of the skin.
* Easy as Stir & Sip: Tasteless and odorless, simply add to your favorite beverage with one scoop daily. Clean, pre, potent and efficacious with no synthetic fillers or binders.

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